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Offer has changed to £25 Tesco gift card – ends 25 June 2009. There is also a better deal on the Sky+ now, with free installation and half-price box. If you follow the analogy below, it would cost you £222 for the first year.

You can also add free broadband and SkyTalk to the package.


Sky offers a £50 Tesco gift card when you join online by the end of this month (offer extended till 07th May). That’s for any subscription, even the £16.50/mth ones.

That’s actually a pretty good deal as a Tesco gift card is as good as cash. If you’re interested in the cheapest package you would effectively pay £163 for a sky box with standard dish installation and an entertainment pack for the first year. You could then cancel the subscription and continue watching all the free channels except for the entertainment pack. The benefit over Freesat is the entertainment pack, Sky 3 and Five US, Live etc. channels plus the possibility of booking any box office movies.

Here is the breakdown for this:

  • 12 * £16.50 = £198 Sky TV
  • £0 Sky box
  • £15 Standard set up installation
  • -£50 Tesco Voucher
  • ———————–
  • £163 Total cost in first year

If you want HD TV, you could get the Sky+HD box with a subscription of £26.25. The one year cost would then work out at £304 but that includes the HD pack (about 16 HD channels) and the entertainment pack. You could then cancel again and continue watching BBC HD, Channel 4 HD and Luxe HD – but you can’t continue recording unless you pay £9.75/mth the Sky plus fee (which is waived while you have a subscription. The other downside there is no ITV HD which is exclusive to Freesat.

Here is the breakdown for the HD package:

  • 12 * £26.25 = £315 Sky HD TV
  • £49 Sky+ HD box
  • £0 Standard installation
  • -£9.75 Sky+HD Pack 1 Month Free
  • -£50 Tesco Voucher
  • ———————–
  • £304.25 Total cost in first year

Overall, I think these are pretty good deals for getting digital standard or HD TV. Please note the £50 Tesco vouchers are for new subscribers only who join online and not in a retail store, by phone or other means.

Link: Sky TV Subscription with £50 Tesco gift card