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Dear Abby: guy with reputation for cheating is caught on ‘hook-up’ internet web web sites

DEAR ABBY: i recently learned my hubby of 18 years was planning to “hook-up” internet sites. He states he had been simply taking a look at the photos, but I do not believe him. He has been caught by me cheating twice within the past, therefore it is difficult to trust him.

My issue is, he understands i can not keep him because i’ve no task, no abilities, no money — nothing. We went from the comfort of my moms and dads’ household to managing him after our wedding. We now have six children plus one on your way. He can continue steadily to visit these internet sites I am stuck because he knows. Exactly What must I do? — SOON-TO-BE MOM OF SEVEN

DEAR SOON-TO-BE MOM OF SEVEN: the very first thing you must do is visit your medical practitioner and start to become examined for STDs. If you should be well, thank your greater energy. If you’ren’t, get therapy, get well and speak with a attorney. Your circumstances may never be since hopeless as you believe.

Maybe you have any family relations or buddies you are able to stick with whenever you leave, replace your life and be self-supporting? It might need task training and time, but please think over it. (more…)