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You probably would not have noticed, unless you were looking for it, but from last week three new channels have joined the Freesat channel lineup.

Pick TV is now available on Freesat channel 144

Challenge is now available on Freesat channel 145

Sky News is now available on Freesat channel 202

Although these channels have been available “free to air” for a while now (Pick was “free to view” and Challenge was a sky subscripion channel) they have only been available to Freesat users via “non Freesat mode”.

But considering all three channels are owned and operated by Sky, expect a lot of promoting of Sky’s pay TV channels and services.

Loss of Channel 5 in Sourthern Spain and Portugal – why so surprised? Did your installer not say anything about this happening?

Judging by the number of comments on

about the recent move of some channels from Astra1N to Astra 2F, and the resulting loss of some channels in southern areas of Spain and in Portugal, it appears that this change has taken many by surprise.

I have received many emails and phone calls from people in areas around the Costa del Sol, Malaga, Marbella and south Portugal, who have now lost a few UK TV channels on their satellite systems.

Before the change they had perfect reception of channels like Channel 5. Now, with the move of these channels on the new UK beam of Astra 2F, reception has gone altogether.

This was not really unexpected.

Well, to these that knew.


This Friday (30/11/12) SES posted the following on their “SES-Astra facebook page

“Services are currently being transferred onto Astra 2F, BBC (Tp 2.061) has been migrated to 2F whereas Channel 5 (Tp 2.057), ITV (Tp’s 2.059 and 2.063), and Channel 4 (Tp 2.068) will move to Astra 2F next Tuesday. This will then mark the completion of the transfer”.

Astra 2F is the new satellite, launched in September ( that will is the first stage in the SES Astra replacement programme of the existing 3 Astra satellites, Astra 2a, 2b, 1n, that currently provide UK satellite TV.


In the few days, one of the currently satellites that is providing the UK with satellite TV, Astra 1N, will be replaced with the new and latest satellite Astra 2F. In fact as I type this, Astra 2F is almost in position at the UK TV “Slot” at 28.2 east.

Now the new Astra 2F satellite will not affect viewers in the UK. In fact viewers in the UK should notice no changes at all.

But in “fringe” reception areas, like south of France, Spain, and Italy, people may find that their reception of some UK TV channels will change. Especially of UK TV channels such as BBC ITV Channel 4 and Five.


Our previous post ( ) I mentioned some changes for BBC TV channels. Well in the last week there have also been some changes to the BBC Radio stations.

The BBC Radio channels that used to be on frequency 11954H have now been moved and split between two other frequencies.

There are detailed below:


As mentioned in the BBC have stated that they are scheduled to make some changed to their satellite TV and Radio services in October 2012.

These changes are part of the BBC Delivering Quality First proposals or cost cutting drive!

These changes include:

Reducing the number of BBC Red Button video streams on satellite to one (saving money!)

Moving services from one frequency and spread those services across existing BBC frequencies, and being able to close that one frequency (saving money!)

This will mean the BBC will need to shuffle some of their other TV services around and so the frequencies for some of their TV and radio channels will be changing:


In the last week, the BBC changed some of its HD channel settings, in preparation for the launch on more regional versions of BBC One HD (see

But this week they also announce the following:
“On 12th of October several of our TV services on satellite will be moving.”
“On 15th of October most of our Radio services on satellite will be moving.”


The BBC will be making some changes to its BBC HD transponder frequencies. The changes will be made during the early hours of 27 September 2012.

These changes are:
Changing the modulation from QPSK to 8PSK,
Changing the FEC from 8/9 FEC to 2/3.
The frequency and polarization will remain the same: 10847 V


There are growing rumours that sometime during the remainder of 2012, various catch up services from the main UK TV channels will eventually be available on Sky digiboxes.

Catch up TV services from BBC Iplayer, ITV Player, 4OD and 5 On Demand are said to be made available to Sky+HD box owners sometime in September or October 2012.

Sky+HD box owners with the new HD EPG and access to a ADSL / Broadband service will have access to these “on demand” and catch up services.

But will these services really take off.


If you do not have a Sky or Freesat digibox, then you will not have access to the Channel 4 “Paralympic” streams.

If you do have a Sky or Freesat box then these channels are already available to watch direct from your channel list.

On a Sky digibox these Channel 4 “Paralympic” streams are available from Sky Channel 450
On a Freesat set top box these Channel 4 “Paralympic” streams are available from Freesat Channel 150

However, if you are using another satellite receiver then you wil need to manually add these channels.
THese Channel 4 “Paralympic” streams are available on the following frequencies:

Eutelsat 28A – 11469 H 27500 2/3
Astra 2B – 12304 H 29500 3/4
Astra 1N – 10921 H 23000 8/9 – high definition streams