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Well, in I did say that BBC2HD would be launching soon.

And it will be launching on March 26th 2013, at 6am.

There will not be any regional versions for Scotland, Ireland and Wales, but a single version for everyone.

BBC2HD will be replacing the BBC HD channel.

You will find BBC2HD on:

Sky HD 169
Freesat HD 109
Freeview HD 102
Youview 102
Virgin Media 187
BT Vision 852
No news on where the BBC3 and BBC4 cHD content will go, or what the BBC will use for its 3D tests – like Wimbledon and Doctor Who later this year…


Unless you have been living on another planet, then it cannot have escaped you that the London 2012 Olympics are about to start.

The BBC will be the main broadcaster for the games for the UK, and have cleared the scheduled of BBC1 and BBC1HD and BBC Three for the duration of the Olympics.

But don’t worry, as some of your favourite programmes can still be found on BBC2 during the course of the Olympics. Best to check your “planners” to make sure you don’t miss any recordings!

And if two full channels of the games were not enough, then if you are a satellite or cable user then you will also have access to 48 extra Olympic channels, 24 in Standard Definition and 24 in High Definition.

If you are a Freesat user, then your BBC Olympic channels can be found from Freesat channel 150.
If you are a Sky user, then your BBC Olympic channels can be found from Sky channel 450.
Also the BBC will be running a highlights show in BBC HD in 3D.

Coverage is also available on Eurosport and Eurosport HD. And Eurosport will be showing a number of live events on Eurosport 3D, available on Sky Channel 217.

Channel Fours new “catch up” TV channel, 4Seven, launches today at 7pm.

4Seven will be available on Sky channel 140.
However as this is the Sky channel number currently being used by Channel 4 HD, Channel 4 HD will be moving to Sky Channel 230.

4Seven will be available on Freesat channel 127
4Seven will be available on Freeview channel 47

So if you have missed a programme on Channel 4, and missed the repeated showings on C4+1, and probably E4 and More4, and are unable to watch it on 4OD, the Channel 4 On Demand service, then you have another chance to watch the programme on 4Seven.

The new channel, 4Seven, will allow viewers who missed the first live broadcast of Channel 4’s most popular shows the opportunity to catch up with them over the next seven nights. 4Seven is expected to launch sometime this summer, with June being favorite.

So, if you have missed the first broadcast on Channel 4, and again on Channel 4+1, and missed the usual repeat on either E4 or More4, and have not the ability to watch it on Channel Fours download service, 4OD, then you have another chance to watch it with this catch up channel.

I suppose it is a channel that allows you to see a programme that you may have missed when people talk about it the following day, rather than it being just another repeats channel. I wonder if the Daily Mail will include this channel in it annual “More repeats on TV” article that it usually does around Christmas time…

With so much terminology used for TV these days, it is no wonder some people get confused and end up buying the wrong type of equipment and receiver. Many times I have heard of people buying a Freeview receiver only to try and connect it up to a satellite dish. So here is a synopsis of some of the terms used with regards to UK TV.

Free to air.
Free to air channels are those that are broadcast “in the clear” without any encryption, without the need for a viewing card or a subscription. Examples of some free to air channels on UK satellite TV are BBC 1 and BBC2.

Free to view
Free to view channels are encrypted and require a viewing card to view. They do not require a monthly subscription. Examples of free to view channels on UK satellite TV are (as at Feb 2012) Channel Five HD, Sony TV and Motors TV.


This weekend, the 3rd to 5th February, ESPN are havng one of their Free Weeekends.

This means that ESPN, ESPN HD, ESPN America, ESPN America HD, and ESPN Classics are free to Sky subscribers for this weekend.

It it to showcase what LIVE sports are available on ESPNs channels.

It also mean that you can get to see a live premier league match FOR FREE.
On Saturday evening, thr Barclays Premier League match between Manchester City and Fulham will be available on ESPN and ESPN HD.

This will not be made available to “freesatfromsky” card users, as it is only for Sky subscribers.

However, if you are in the UK, you can also get this ESPN free weekend on Freeview, for free!

ESPN is available on Sky Channel 417
ESPN HD is available on Sky Channel 442
ESPN Classic is available on Sky Channel 429
ESPN America is available on Sky Channel 430
ESPN America HD is available on Sky Channel 431

Channel Five has said that they will soon be launching a “+1” timeshift version of their main channel. It is expected the channel will launch in the first week in December 2011, but no date has actually been confirmed as yet. They join other main UK TV channels ITV1 and C4 by having a “+1” service.

This leaves the BBC the only main UK TV channel not having a “+1” service. But it is really necessary. These days many people have access to personal video recorders, like Sky+ or Freesat+ or Freeview+, making recording any shows you may miss easier. Also, many people in the UK can access missed programmes via internet and internet connected set top boxes via the BBC IPlayer.

And then , if the BBC do decide to have a “+1” service for their channels, then you can probably expect the “anti BBC” brigade, led by the Daily Mail, in complaining about there being too many repeats on BBC channels and not getting the idea of a “+1” catchup channel!

BBC iPlayer: available in the UK and now Europe!

The BBC iPlayer service is a live event, video on demand and “catch-up” service. If you are in the UK, then it is available on various platforms, like internet, and Freesat. It allows you to watch the BBC channel live on the internet, and also, under its catch-up service, view programmes that you may have missed.


It has been announced that the BBC will be showing their first 3D programme soon. The men’s and women’s finals at Wimbledon will be shot and shown in 3D.

Probably as a result of them changing the transmission standard earlier this month, has meant freeing up more capacity on the UK TV satellites, allowing them to do this.

The two Wimbledon finals will be shows on the BBC HD channel.

The BBC HD channel is available on Freesat HD, Sky HD and even on Freeview HD.

But I wonder why only the finals are being shown to UK viewers in 3D? The equipment will be set up for the whole fortnight, and I am sure that other European broadcasters will take a 3D feed for the whole fortnight. Perhaps the BBC are concerned that at the moment only a small percentage of the UK population actually has a 3D TV. But by providing this extra service to other European broadcasters they can get more revenue from those broadcasters to offset the cost of the service.

At least one benefit on satellite of this change in transmission from DVBS to DVBS2 has been the increase in bitrate for the BBC HD channel. This increase in bitrate increases the amount of data, and so has resulted in a “high” high definition picture than previously.

Currently still the most popular way of connecting a satellite or Freeview / DTT receiver to the TV is via SCART cable. These are big bulky cables that have 21 pins and cables to separate the components of the picture and audio.

Some people buy GOLD PLATED SCART cables. Supposedly, gold plated SCART cables have an advantage over normal SCART cables, by having superior picture quality, due to having a better connection.

However, someone once made me think about the impact of gold plated SCART cables with the following analogy.

“Using a gold played USB cable between your PC and printer does not make the picture the printer prints better. The quality of the picture is down to the quality of the image received, and the quality of the printer.”

So it makes you think if gold plated SCART cables are actually worthwhile.

Of course as more and more people start to use high definition Freesat and Sky receivers, the SCART cable is being replaced by the HD compliant HDMI and 5 component cables, as SCART cables are not able to send the HD signals.