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Hardly a day goes by without someone contacting me asking for the frequency for Dave or Sky 3 on Freesat.

Dave or Sky 3 are not available on Freesat receivers.

Although these two channels are available for free on Freeview in the UK, on satellite the channels are encrypted. Both channels require a Sky viewing card to view, of which Dave requires a monthly subscription.

So even if you do input the Dave frequency of 11817 V into your Freesat receiver you still will not be able to watch it as you require a Sky SUBSCRIPTION.

There are many UK TV channels that are like this, that are available for free in the UK on Freeview, but not available on Freesat.

Freeview TV logo

Freeview TV logo

These channels include:
Sky 3
Dave ja vu
Virgin1/Channel1 – soon to be discontinued
Five USA

Some of these channels are available without a monthly Sky subscription, but do need a free to view (also known as a freesatfromsky) viewing card. These channels are Five USA, Fiver, Viva, Sky 3.

The main reason for this is that the satellite signals are available over most of Europe, and without encryption, would be freely available to other countries, where the broadcasters in these countries may have also paid for the broadcast rights to those programmes, reducing their “Exclusivity” deals in those countries.

Also, channels on a pay TV packages like Sky TV, receive a small share of the subscription fee.

Freeview signals are, by the manner that they are transmitted from the land based transmitters in the UK, like Emley Moor and Crystal Palace, limited to just mainland UK. As these signals are more limited to the area they are intended for, many channels can be made available without encryption or subscription.

This also proves that you cannot receive Freeview outside the UK. Freeview is a UK only TV service transmitted from the land based transmitters in the UK. These Freeview signals just do not reach other areas of Europe, like Spain. So if you live in Europe and get a UK TV satellite “installer” who says they can get you Freeview, don’t believe them as they cannot – test the installers by asking if the above channels will be available for free just like they are on Freeview.

Freeview Channel list guide – as at 1st October 2010
A channel list now available via the Freeview EPG

1 BBC One
2 BBC Two
3 ITV1 (and Daybreak)
4 Channel 4 (S4C in Wales)
5 Channel 5
6 ITV2
7 BBC Three
8 Ch. 4 (Wales) / TeleG (Scotland)
9 BBC Four
10 ITV3
11 Sky Three
12 Yesterday
13 Channel 4+1
14 More 4
15 Film Four
16 QVC
17 G.O.L.D Anytime only. 6pm to 11:30pm only 
18 4Music
19 Dave
20 Channel One 
21 VIVA 
22 Ideal
23 Bid TV / ScreenShop
24 ITV4 (and GMTV2)
25 Dave ja vu (+ 1)
26 Home Top Up Anytime only. 2pm to 4pm only A 
27 ITV2 + 1
28 E4
29 E4+1
30 Fiver
31 Five USA 
32 Big Deal
33 ITV2 + 1
34 ESPN Sport – Available on BT Vision and Top Up TV or on Freeview CAM (Not 24 hours) A 
36 Create & Craft
37 Price-Drop TV
38 Quest
40 Rocks & Co 1
41 Sky Sports 1 Sports Subscription Sports Service  
42 Sky Sports 2 Sports Subscription Sports Service  
43 Gems TV “Coloured Rocks”  
44 Sky 3 + 1
50 BBC HD HD Freeview HD areas only  
51 ITV1 HD / STV HD HD Freeview HD areas only  
52 Channel 4 HD HD Freeview HD areas only 
53 S4C HD HD Wales Freeview HD areas only 
71 Cbeebies
80 BBC News
81 BBC Parliament
82 Sky News  
84 CNN News
85 Russia Today
87 Community Channel
89 Al Jazeera English
93 Television X 
94 ADULT Smile TV 2
95 ADULT Smile TV 3
96 ADULT Babestation
97 ADULT Partyland
98 ADULT TMTV (Tease Me TV)

Freeview Radio Channels

700 BBC Radio 1 
701 BBC 1 Xtra
702 BBC Radio 2
703 BBC Radio 3
704 BBC Radio 4
705 BBC 5 Live
706 BBC 5 Live Extra
707 BBC 6 Music
708 BBC Radio 7
709 BBC Asian Network
710 BBC World Service
711 The Hits  
712 Smash Hits
713 Kiss 
714 Heat
715 Magic  
716 Q
718 Smooth Radio
719 BBC Scotland / BBC Wales / BBC Ulster
720 BBC Radio Cymru / BBC Radio nan Gàidheal / BBC Radio Foyle
722 Kerrang!
723 TalkSPORT
725 Premier Christian Radio
726 U105 Radio
727 Absolute Radio
728 Heart