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Facebook’s Dating Service is filled with Warning Flags. Bad at Information Privacy But Great At Dating Privacy?

That you try the company’s new Dating service, which just launched in the U.S. after a rollout in 19 other countries last year if you open Facebook’s mobile app today, it will likely suggest. However with the company’s track record of mishandling individual information, as well as its enterprize model of monetizing our sensitive and painful information to energy third-party targeted marketing, prospective users should see Facebook’s aspire to peek into our rooms as a big red banner.


Simply this week, Facebook’s lax data privacy techniques lead to a big database of cell phone numbers connected to accounts surfacing for a third party’s unprotected server. Generally speaking, this is the way the tale goes: sensitive and painful individual information is released or discovered to be accessible in a manner that Facebook users didn’t expect. But worry that is don’t the business says—we’ve updated those techniques. While improvements are valued, this period gets duplicated therefore frequently that one could nearly set your view by it.

You really trust them to safeguard your dating history if you can’t trust Facebook with your phone number, can? (more…)