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Today Channel 5 HD moved satellites and frequencies.

Channel 5 HD moved from a Sky operated transponder on the European beam, to the Channel 5 operated transponder on the UK beam.

Channel 5HD can now be found on the same transponder as Channel 5’s other channels, including 5STAR and Spike.

So this weekend sees the start of the 2016 Six Nations championship.

Since it beginning, the Six Nations has always been shown on BBC TV in the UK.

However, with the recent budget cuts being forced onto the BBC, as a result of their Licence Fee agreement with the UK government, BBC Sport has had to make some cuts.

These include F1, Golf coverage and the Six Nations.

In the last few weeks some people trying to watch ITV1HD on their Panasonic Freesat HD TV may have been experiencing what they may think is reception problems.

It appears that the problems started following changes the Forward Error Correction (FEC) on ITV1HD satellite transponders.

One reports suggest that this issue affects a range of Panasonic Freesat HD TVs including Panasonic TVs from their 2009 – 2012 range.

There have been growing rumours that Channel Five HD, currently behind the Sky pay wall, may be going free to air on satellite in the near future.
Nothing concrete, but the rumour mill has been working furiously on this one.
Late in 2015, Channel Five closed its regional advertising variations on satellite, and started to operate a single version of its channel.
In the free space on that UK beam transponder, up popped a test channel, in HD (it is currently encrypted, so you cannot access it!).
And that is when people started to suggest that C5HD could soon become free to air, and available on Freesat.

Back in early 2014, it was announced by the BBC that as part of their cost cutting process, BBC Three would cease to be a channel.
BBC Three content would be available online only.
It is now know that the date for this BBC Three switchover is the 16th February 2016.
On the 16th February become more of a promotional channel letting people know about content that can be found online.
Several weeks later, and the channel on Freeview and digital satellite will cease broadcasting.

Recently Sky launched their new initiative and satellite receiver that they sid would change how you watch TV.
Basically, you have one main SkyQ unit, that connects to your satellite dish.
You can then view content from this main SkyQ box via “slave” units, using your home network.
The main SkyQ unit boasts 8 tuners, meaning you can watch multiple programmes in various locations at the same time.

As per our previous post, Freesat has now three new channels.
Freesat now has three “UKTV Group” of channels available.
Drama is now available on Freesat channel 162, Yesterday on Freesat channel 163 and Really is on Freesat channel 164.
These channels are still available on Sky receivers on their original channel numbers.

There are growing rumours that a group of channel that are currently only available on Freeview and Sky subscription, will soon become available subscription free on satellite.

In the last few days, a number of channels operated by the UKTV Group, channel like Dave, GOLD, Alibi and Yesterday, have been moved to a new frequency.


There are reports in the last few days that the BBC will start to be more active in blocking VPNs accessing their Iplayer Catch Up services.

This may start to be a problem for expats who access the BBC IPlayer service.

Normally the BBC Iplayer is accessible to users in the UK only. This is policed by checking the IP internet address of the user. So onlyusers with a UK IP internet address can access the service.

It is that time of the year agsin.

The suns path across the sky takes it along the Clarke Belt, that line in the Sky where all the geostationary satellites are.

This means that the sun passes behind the satellites, so the satellites, sun and your dish are all in alignment.

And when it does, its energy can swamp out those weaker signals. And cause a temporary loss of those weaker channels.