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Sky Sports Mix is a new Sky Sports channel available to all Sky subscribers.

Sky Sports Mix will be a “taster” channel showcasing some live sport from Sky Sports, including some live F1 races, and some live Premier League matches.

Sky Sports Mix will be available to all Sky subscribers, not just those with Sky Sports

Further to our previous post , Sky continue to roll out new antipiracy measures to its HD channels.

Over the last few weeks many Sky HD channels have had new antipiracy measures applied to them, effectively removing them from the card sharing services.

Most of the HD versions of Sky Movies and Sky Sports have has these changes implemented.


On 24th March, the BBC will be performing some channel number changes for their HD channels on Sky HD and Freesat HD.

This also means that all four of the regional versions of BBC One HD (England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland), will now be available via the Sky Channel Guide.

This is a bonus as previously, Sky HD users had no way of viewing the other BBC One HD versions.

These are the details for Sky HD users (non subscriber and subscribers)

EPG No. England Scotland Northern Ireland Wales SKY Boxes (No HD subscription or viewing Card)
101 BBC One England HD BBC One Scotland HD BBC One Northern Ireland HD BBC One Wales HD BBC One (nations/regions variant)
102 BBC Two HD BBC Two SD BBC Two SD BBC Two SD BBC Two (nations variant)
141 BBC One England SD BBC One Scotland SD BBC One Northern Ireland SD BBC One Wales SD BBC One HD (English version)
977 BBC One Scotland HD N/A BBC One Scotland HD BBC One Scotland HD BBC One Scotland HD
978 BBC One Wales HD BBC One Wales HD BBC One Wales HD N/A BBC One Wales HD
979 BBC One Northern Ireland HD BBC One Northern Ireland HD N/A BBC One Northern Ireland HD BBC One Northern Ireland HD

This week Astra 2E, the second of three new Astra satellites designed for UK satellite TV, started its journey from its test location to the UK TV satellite orbital slot.

The move from the test location at 43 degrees east, to the UK TV slot at 28 east, started mid week, and it is slowly moving, at a rate of about 0.75 degrees a day.

So it will be a few more days before it is in the correct orbital slot.


Earlier this month (October 2013) there was a large number of channels that changed satellites and frequencies.



Some users of SkyHD and Sky+HD digiboxes may have recently seen the above message on their TV screens.

This is because in the last few months there have been some updates to the security Sky use, and they require some information from your Sky Digibox.

This information was generated by the digibox, and if your sky box is not connected to a UK phoneline, the digibox has not passed this information to Sky.




BT Sports channels have recently appeared on the Sky Guide.

BT Sports 1 has appeared on Sky channel 445 and BT Sports 2 has appeared on Sky channel 447.

These will be “placeholders” for the channels before they launch.

BT Sports will be a subscription service, although at the moment there is no indication as to prices.

BT Sports will be launching later this year, and will definitely be available before August, before the start of the next Premier League season, as BT Sports have secured exclusive live rights  to about 38 Barclays Premier League matches.

In addition BT Sports also have live broadcast rights to Serie A, Ligue 1, Brasileirão, Major League Soccer, as well as Premiership Rugby, and Women’s Tennis Association matches. BT Sport also announced that it had acquired ESPN’s UK channels and their sports broadcasting rights, including rights to the FA Cup, UEFA Europa League, Scottish Premier League, Bundesliga and NASCAR.

BT Sport 1 Frequency: 11222 H 27500 2/3 Sky Channel 445
BT Sport 2 Frequency: 12643 V 27500 3/4 Sky Channel 447

This week there were a few channel number changes on the Sky Electronic Programme Guide (Sky Guide)

The popular “free” Challenge TV channel that was on Sky channel 125 is now on Sky Channel 145

This is due to the new TLC channel being launched and taking the 125 channel number.

TLC is a new channel and looks to be a “lifestyle” kind of channel. One of its main programmes will be Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, a good example of real trash TV! But a huge talking point in the States.

Also, some of the Discovery and National Geographic channels will also be changing channel numbers, simply moving up one number, to accommodate a new channel “ID”, on channel 522


Back in November 2012, Sky launched NOW TV, which was designed to allow access to Sky channels to smart phones and tablet users.

Now TV means you don’t actually need to subscribe to Sky’s Satellite TV service.

Instead you access content on a “pay per view” basis.

In recent weeks, Sky has launched its six Sky Sports channels available on NOW TV. For £9.99 a day, you can view all six Sky Sports channels for 24 hours.

It may be a bit steep in price to have access to 6 channels for £10 a day, but may be worthwhile for the “casual viewer” who does not want to shell out for the whole Sky TV package each month.

If you live in the UK, and are using a Thomson Sky+HD digibox, then you may be eligible for a FREE upgrade to a new latest model Sky+HD box. Note that this offer ends 30 April 2013.

Sky are advising owners of the Thompson Sky+HD box can now receive a free upgrade to a new Sky+HD box under sky’s Better Box Scheme. This is so you can benefit from Sky’s newest service such as: increased storage space, Sky 3D, On demand & Catchup, Sky Store and Undelete, which are not available on the Thomson boxes.

To to swap your old Thomson HD box, to a new Sky+HD box, simply log into your Sky account, click on the banner offering your free Sky+HD box and follow the steps through to the checkout page to complete your order. Your free Sky+HD box will be delivered free of charge to your door. There will be a one off charge if you would prefer to have an engineer visit you to swap the box for you.